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Related article: 47 4-5 sec. There was a large gathering at the meet of the North Hereford Hounds at Hamp- ton Court, Leominster, on March 30ih, when a presentation was made to Mr. J. M. Curre on his retirement from the master- ship. The testimonial took the form of a silver bowl and a pair of silver candlesticks, subscribed for by the members of the Hunt. The presentation was made in the Con- ingsby Hall at Hampton Court by Mrs. Arkwright. On the finishing day of the season, March 30th, the Fincar Online Rufford Purchase Fincar Hounds met at Thoresby Hall. Fred Higgins, the hunts- man, sustained a broken collar-bone, being thrown heavily through his horse stepping into a rabbit -hole. Whilst hunting with Mr. Femie's hounds on April 4ih, Lady Hilda McNeill, of Carlion Curlieu Hall, had a nasty fall, and her horse rolled over her. Fortunately no bones were broken, her ladyship escaping with a severe shaking. The meet of the Meynell Foxhounds at Radboume Hall, on April 4th, afforded an opportunity for making a presentation to Stephen Bnrtenshaw, the huntsman, who is leaving the country. The presentation, which was made by Mr. R. W. Chandos- Pole, on behalf of the subscribers, con- sisted of a marble clock and ;^220. At the same time the tenant fanners gave a gold hunting-watch. The Holderness Hounds finished the season on April 4ih. Good spott was enjoyed, forty brace of foxes being killed, and twenty and half Order Fincar Online brace lun to ground. There was not a blank Generic Fincar day. Sir Henry Wilmot, Bart., K.C.B., V.C., of Chaddesden Hall, Derby, who died at Bournemouth on April 7th, was a most popular man in the county of Derbyshire, and had for many years devoted much interest to the furtherance of sport and recreation. Sir Henry was president of the county cricket club from 1888 to 1899. He was seventy years of age. A serious loss has been sustained by Sir R. Waldie-Griffith, whose mare Asterie, by Tristan— Sonsie Queen, slipped twin foals to Florizel H. and died on April 9tb. A serious accident happened at th(f Huntingdon Steeplechases, on April loth, to Mr. P. G. Nicholson, a gentleman rider, of Thornhaugh Manor, .Wansford. Mr. Nicholson was riding his own horse, Idlecot, in the Tally- Ho Steeplechase, when he fell at one of the jumps, and ap- parently was severely kicked by the horse.' causing severe concussion of the brain and internal injuries. The sale of polo ponies, the property of Messrs. E. D. and G. A. Miller, attracted a large company to Spring Hill, Rugby, on April 15th. The b^st price, 340 gs., was obtained for Sermon ; Wolverine made 300 gs.. Lady Love 320 gs.. Pilgrim 300 gs.. Cockle 320 gs., Becky Sharp 300 gs., Myrtle'320 gs. ,Falcon 290 gs.,ScoUt 270 gs., Kharki 260 gs., Jacknapes 270 gs.. Quicksilver 250 gs., Mickey Free 290 gs.. Thunderstorm 290 gs. Altogether thirty ponies were sold, realising 6,500 gs., giving an average of about 217 gs. each. It is twenty- one years, says the Sports- man, since a mare won the Lincolnshire Handicap, Rosy Cross (6 yrs., 7st. 131b.), in 1 880 being the last of the gentler sex to carry off the great Spring Handicap. Pre- vious to the victory of Mr. Rymilrs mare. Lord Wilton's Footstep (4 yrs., 7st. 2lb.) won in 1877 ; while other mares successful, since the institution of the race in 1853, were Sycee (5 yrs., fist. 131b.) in 18^9 ; Buy Fincar Online Gaily (5 yrs., 7st. 4lb.) in 1865 ; Bel Es- peranza (5 yrs., 6st. I2lb ) in Purchase Fincar Online 1859; and Flageolet (4 yrs., 7st.) in 1856. Lieutenant Buy Cheap Fincar F. A. Todd, of the Black- heath F.C.,-an English International Rugby forward, and captain of the Kent County Rugby football team, who volun- teered for service in South Africa last year, and was serving with Roberts' Horse, has been seriously wounded. Mr. E. W. Bastard, the Oxford Univer- sity and Somerset cricketer, died at Taun- ton at the early age of thirty-nine years. Mr. Bastard was a slow bowler, and had played for Oxford against Cambridge at Lord's on three occasions. 39* BAILY S MAGAZINE. [XUr At the dote of the teawn the members of the Lanark and Renfrewjihire Fox- hounds presented to Gilonel Robert ^a- Aikman a hinJsooae t^ilvtr hantiog horn oa hi 4 retirement from the mi^tership, after five seas »ns in office. The members also presented to Harry Judd, the veteran nuntHman, who has retired after nineteen years' service with the pack, a piir»e of 670 aoveieigns. The presentation was made by Sir David Buchanan, who was foi forty-three years master o( the pack. While hunting their fox across the railway line (he Louth Houndi were run into by a luggage train, and three of the pack were killed. On Grudon, A. Nighttngall won hi^ third Grand National, his previous Order Fincar successes having been achieved on Ilex in 1890 and on Why Not in 1S94. He now ties in this respect with T. Olliver (Gaylad in 1842, Vafi|;iiard in 1S43, ^i^*^ Peter Simple in 1853), Mr. ««Tho«aa«" (Anatis in i86a The Lamb in 1871, and Pathfinder in 187;), and Mr. T. Bea^kley (Cmpres in 1880, Woodbrook Cheap Fincar in i88f, and Frigate m 1889). The riders who h^ve been twice are C. Green (Abd el Kader in 1890 and Half Caste i'l i^59l» Mr. A. Goodman (Mi^s Mowbray in 1852 and SaUmaoderin 1866), Mr. j. M. Richardson (Disturfaaooe in 1873 '^^^ Reugny in 1874), J. Page (Cortoloin in 1867 an. I Cas«e Buy Fincar T^te in 1 872), and Mr. E. P. Wilson (Voluptuary in i8&t and Roquefort in 1885). The record, ac- cording to the S/kfr/ftnan^ in respect of winning mounts in the " National " is associated with the nawie of Geoige Stevens, who scored on no fewer than five occasions — on Freetrader in 1856, EmbleB in 1863, Emblematic in 1864, and The Colonel in 1869 and 1870. TURF. LINCOLN.— Spring Mbbting. March 35th.— The Datlhyany Plate (Han- dicap) of 435 sovs. ; five furlongs, sir>ttrirs ch. h. LickforJ, 6 yrs., 8st. lib C Cannon 3 100 to 1$ agst. Little Eva. The Hainton Plate (Handicap) of 365